Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh

Today I watched a video that was released of a young man (purportedly Jordanian pilot Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh) wearing a wet, orange jumpsuit. He was caged like an animal. A masked man with a torch touched the flame to a line of earth that led to the cage, encircling it. As the flame reached the cage, the man inside was engulfed in fire. He frantically bat at the flames with his burning arms. I was amazed at how long he remained standing as he became a pillar of fire. Finally he fell to his knees, head bowed. As the videographer zoomed in on his head for a close up, you could see this young man, literally, melting. His charred remains fell back and that was the end of the video.

It was one of the most horrific things I have ever seen.


I have watched other videos like this. I have not watched them because of a morbid fascination. Each has sickened me. Each has frightened me. Each has left me weeping. I have not watched them because I felt compelled to do so, I watched them because I felt obligated to do so. I watched them so that just one more person would be aware of the evil that roams the earth. I watched them so that I would be informed as to what is happening in our world. I watched them so that I could pray for the victim.

With the release of each of these videos, I have been reminded of the images of the citizens of Weimar, Germany that General George Patton marched through Buchenwald after W.W. II. Approximately 2,000 of them–all civilians–were made to march several miles up a steep hill. It took days for the townspeople to file through the camp. There were no precautions taken to protect them from the typhus epidemic in the camp. In their clean, starched and pressed dresses and suits, the townspeople came face-to-face with the enormity of evil men and the death that resulted from it. They left that day with the stench of barbarity upon them.

General Patton wrote to General Dwight Eisenhower: We have found at a place four miles north of WEIMAR a similar camp, only much worse. The normal population was 25,000, and they died at the rate of about a hundred a day…I told the press to go up there and see it, and then write as much about it as they could. 

I often find myself in a minority of thought and opinion. With this post, I am sure I will find myself there once again. We should be echoing General Patton’s directive to “write as much about it” as we can! We should be telling each other what we know without fear of appearing a lunatic. No longer can we turn a blind eye to evil and hatre


d!  Today’s video. Abortion photos. Holocaust photos. They should all be force fed to our population so that we see evil for what it really is. So people will recognize it when it finally meets them face-to-face…and it will. We are, each of us, complicit in our own way. Silence is tacit approval. Unfortunately, I fear we are reaping what we have sown.

Pray. Fast. Pray again.

All angels, saints, and martyrs, pray for us! May God have mercy on us.