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The following is a reflection I wrote on the D.C. Metro after marching in the 2013 March For Life.

I’ve never seen anything like this. 500,000 (or MORE) human beings in the snow, bitter cold, etc. No one was fussy. No one was rude. No one was out of control. There was singing. Praying. Crying. Story telling. Prayerful silence.

FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE!!! THINK ABOUT THAT!!!! All united against against an evil that has been accepted as a norm, as a right of our society. Keep in mind, MANY of these people have come from far parts of the country, driven all night long, got off a bus and stepped out into the cold Washington DC morning and spent the day in public opposition of this horror, this enormity that has brutally taken the lives of so, so many.

Not a single news van in sight.

I was thinking this morning during Mass, that I don’t know if we who know right from wrong, moral from immoral, just from unjust, and infanticide as infanticide will ever actually see this law overturned because of anything we have done–evil, and evil of this size, is, perhaps, only really God-sized. Maybe all we’re really meant to do, the purpose we’re meant to serve, is to give a voice to those from whom a voice has been snatched. Maybe we’re just meant to be seen. Maybe we’re just meant to be that mirror that is held up to the world to reflect the evil that has been allowed to take hold. Whatever we are–I will go to my grave bring thankful I had the opportunity today to stand shoulder to shoulder with the 499,000 others who were with me.